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In which country is Vicks banned?

What is illegal in India but legal in USA?

Is Lifebuoy soap used for dogs?

Is paracetamol banned in USA?


12 Everyday Things That Are Banned Abroad But Not In India

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28-Aug-2015 · There’s a whole lot of stuff that’s banned in India, and the movement is only getting larger. … this practise though, it’s easy to forget that they also outlaw things in other parts of the world.

These Products Are Banned All Over The World, But Not In India …


14-Jun-2017 · These 5 products banned in international markets are still being sold in India.

9 products banned abroad but widely available in India


01-Sep-2015 · These products are banned but still sold in India. … They are busy with a world tour and banning … The most popular car on Indian roads, the Alto K10 and the tata Nano is not allowed …

Products banned across the world, but not in India – Lifestyle

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05-Jun-2015 · New Delhi: Nestle’s Maggi, the two-minute noodles, is facing heat in the country as many states …

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Things That are Banned World Wide But Not in India – News Bugz

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15-Feb-2018 · The product like drugs, medicines, daily products like toothpaste, and the products that are failing in …

4 popular Indian products banned abroad – Business News

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16-Jun-2015 · It did not stop at that. While Maggi maker Nestle was busy justifying its stand in India’s courts and …

Why India still sells medicines banned elsewhere in the world


03-Sep-2014 · Urban women who hit puberty in the late 1980s will probably be familiar with Baralgan. A popular …

7 deadly pesticides world has banned used in India | India News …

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19-Oct-2017 · India News: Seven hazardous pesticides are on the list of 18 Class-I (classified as … which had in 2015 reviewed the use of these pesticides but preferred not to ban them immediately.

Not just Maggi, more than 400 products are rejected by FSSAI …

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11-Jun-2015 · Not just Maggi, more than 400 other products are rejected by … of Samples found adulterated by FSSAI – Maggi ban in India …. Pingback: India led the world in Snack Rejects last year …

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