Prolonging the big time Bollywood Penetration surely ups the novel and singular experimenting at our end to keep you hooked all day long as to what has happened.

Ok, for a second you can term it as the Big Boy Toyz delivery style with oozes of surprises and amazements at every end….

One more reason echoing BBT’s grand arrival in Mumbai and focusing straight on the scene setting where the gorgeous Bollywood Diva, Shilpa Shetty is in an upheaved state of elation on unboxing the new Range Rover Vogue as a cherished anniversary gifting from her husband Raj Kundra.

Unboxing….from where did this come?

That’s the BBT trick of the trade.

We wanted to frame it in the present tense to keep the notable feelings to the hilt.

At the end of the day lovable gestures truly ingrain the reaffirmed sense of caring & bonding and as for this elegant couple, being in an admired relationship of togetherness and harmony is the biggest factor that gets the rapport going.


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