Cooking Spice Organization & Storage (Kitchen Drawer Organization) DIY Cooking Spice Storage.

In today’s video, I will be sharing with you two spice storage DIY.

I will be recreating an Indian spice box masala dabba.
And I will be creating a DIY kitchen drawers system to
Store all the spices.

I will be sharing with you, 5 different cooking spice storage ideas.

I will be showing you, how I can store spices on a large kitchen drawer, as well as a small kitchen drawer.

Storing spices on kitchen drawers can become a challenge for many people; but I have found an efficient way to store all the Cooking spices inside the kitchen drawers, for an effortless Cooking experience!

The two DIY that am creating to store all the cooking spices are
Super cheap and easy to make, using your local dollar store

Storing the cooking spices, near your stove or cooktop is essential
For an efficient kitchen.

You should store all your spices, within arm’s reach from
Your stove; weather it’s to the right or the left or on kitchen drawers
Below the stove.

Refer to the cooking triangle shown on the video.

Just make sure you keep your spices away from direct heat or
Humidity; as this will spoil the spices.

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