This hot spot destination has been attracting the hip, young, and artsy folk for quite some time. The city has recently been voted the best U.S. cities for happy hour.
2. Sydney, Australia
Lose yourself in Down Under in the midst of Sydney, Australia. The options are unlimited and the people are friendly and beautiful when you travel to Sydney.
3. Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas is called “sin city” or a “singles destination.” Las Vegas represents a travel destination where guys and gals can have a ton of fun without having a significant other.
4. Berlin, Germany
Berlin has long been a hot spot destination for partiers and adventurers. This city is full of rich culture and plenty of historical sites. At night, be prepared to drink delicious German beer and explore some of their finer culinary delights.
5. Tel Aviv, Israel
If you are in the mood for a sexy beach getaway, then Tel Aviv should be your next destination.
6. New York City, USA
NYC has the nickname as being the “city that never sleeps.” If you want non-stop action and have a “go-go-go” mentality, then NYC is just the place for your solo vacation.
7. Barcelona, Spain
Do you want to be able to see the mountains, beach, and a vibrant city all on one vacation? If the answer to the latter question is yes, then Barcelona is the place to be.
8. Costa Rica
Well, rest assured any place that you visit on Costa Rica is going to feel like heaven. Due to its safety protocols and ability to inspire happiness, Cost Rica has been attracting solo travels to its warm waters for generations.
9. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is definitely the place for nature lovers, walking enthusiasts, and sailors. This picturesque city is a great destination for any solo traveler.
10. Ibiza, Spain
This amazing Island encourages visitors to party until dawn, blow off a little steam, and never want to leave again. Enjoy fantastic weather, drinks, food, and don’t forget to pack those dancing shoes.
11. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Head to San Juan for the perfect combination of history, culture, beach time, and relaxation. At night, head out to the numerous restaurants and bars to mingle with locals and fellow travelers.
12. St. Barths
This island getaway is the place to go for cabanas on the beach, drinking parties, relaxing in the spas, and enjoying the ultimate pampering vacation.
13. New Orleans, USA
Whether you are traveling for Mardi Gras or at a different time of the year, New Orleans is a hopping destination for singles. Travel through the historic portions of the city during the day. At night, get ready to visit bars, restaurants, and eat or drink until you burst.
14. Machu Picchu, Peru
This area of Peru is great to explore with other single travelers on a tour guide.
15. Miami, USA
Miami is one hot place to be… for singles! Beautiful women and men, amazing clubs, scrumptious food, and miles of beach await you in Miami.


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