From the incredible way that whales sleep, to the most INTENSE whale watching ever, these are 13 INCREDIBLE Whale Photos !

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# 9 Sperm Whales Sleep Standing Up
For a long time, we all used to think that whales slept in the same pattern as dolphins, with one eye open and half their brain activated, but in 2013 scientists discovered a pod of sperm whales who slept in a very bizarre way. This pod just off the coast of Chile slept with their bodies completely vertical, gently bobbing near the surface of the water. When scientists got into the middle of the ominous pod and nudged one of the whales, prompting them all to wake up and swim away.

# 8 Snorkeller and Sperm Whale
One brave, stupid, or whale-whispering snorkeller went head to head with this sperm whale off the coast of the Caribbean. He literally touched his head to the head of a massive, 60-foot whale. The size advantage of whales over snorkelers is obvious, but they can be friendly and sociable if caught in a good move! However, it’s likely that it wouldn’t have done anything violent even if it wasn’t in a playful mood.

# 7 Rare White Humpback Whale
Photographer Jenny Dean was on vacation when she happened to catch a photo of the incredibly rare white humpback whale in North Queensland. This whale might be Migaloo, the name of what many think to be the only white humpback whale in the world. This was truly a once in a lifetime event, and these photographs are really rare considering the fact that Migaloo was moving incredibly fast and so was the vessel Jenny Dean was traveling on.

# 6 Beluga Whale doing Art
The Beluga whales at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama show off their artistic talent. The belugas use specially made paintbrushes to that they can hold in their mouths. Trainers stand nearby and dip their paintbrushes into paint, then guide the whales into making art. Three belugas on a cycle every weekday and twice every day of the weekend show off their talent at the aquarium.

# 5 Whales go Birding
Humpback whales primarily feed on krill, which float close to the surface of the water. Pelicans dive low to feed on those same krill. So, when the humpback jumps up to catch a bite, it can sometimes end unfortunately for the pelican as it gets caught in the jaws of the whale. It is not an extremely uncommon event, but it is not usually captured so well on camera. Kate Cummings caught this moment when a pelican made the accident of mistiming a divebomb and landed right into the mouth of a whale.

# 4 Giant Beached Whale
This bloated, giant blue whale washed up ashore at Trout River, a small town in Newfoundland. For a while, local officials were worried that the bloated corpse would explode since it seems to be ballooning already. The incredible sight attracted locals to get up close and personal with the animal for a while, as moving giant whales off of shores is incredibly hard to do. The whale measured a whopping 81 feet in length and many towns don’t have the resources to move something so big. If left alone for too long, the gasses inside might build up and cause an explosion.

# 3 Killer Whales Eating Live Sharks
In extremely rare footage captured by a drone in Monterey Bay, California, we saw two adult female killer whales feeding on live baby sharks. When Slater Moore on a whale watching boat traveled near a pod of killer whales when he noticed they were eating something, so he flew his drone over to catch the scene. They were feeding on seven-gill sharks, a rare deep water shark that’s a part of the cow shark family.

# 2 Whale Photobomb
Adrenaline Junkie Will Rosner was two months into his sailing trip across the Pacific Ocean and French Polynesia when he caught this moment on camera while snorkeling. The 24-year-old was diving in Tonga when he accidentally encountered a pod of whales and when he went to take a selfie, one of those friendly humpback whales photobombed him. The whale burst from the water just yards behind him, creating an incredible photo. Rosner reportedly swam with the pod of six whales for more than six hours.

# 1 Whale Pod Rising
Whales regularly surface from underwater to take a breath of air, but it can still look pretty dramatic. Like this pod of whales that surfaced at the same time to take in a deep breath. When a bunch come up at the same time, it can look like a dramatic scene of otherworldly aliens arriving on earth.


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