Join me at the park and you’ll have the time of your short life!

Enjoy these allegedly true horror stories about national park stories, national park disappearances, national park service, national park mysteries, national park ranger, public park stories, public park pranks, public park ambience, scary park stories, park horror stories, national forest horror stories, national forest stories, national forest disappearances, true scary stories, true horror stories, darkness prevails, haunted forest, skinwalker stories, wendigo stories, skinwalker caught, wendigo caught, horror and more!

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Story Music Tracks “The Demon”, “Haunting”, “You Fear Me, But Still You Came Here”, “Elevation” by CO.AG

Intro Outro Music Themes “Artifical Dreams” and “Heavy Industrial Anger 9” from

Background Footage from Pixabay at

Thumbnail Illustration by YeahManTV


1. Skinwalker in the Pines from JakobLmao and TheWoodsman 0:39
2. The Feathered Woman from JayDayBi20 9:36
3. Whistling Man Encounter from David 13:00
4. Lost from JP22 16:31
5. Public Park Encounter from Hannah 19:02
6. Stranger Danger from The Figure 21:51
7. The Blue Hood from Conor L. 25:11
8. The Man in the Woods from Yasmin 33:16
9. The River from TheGothMistress13 36:44
10. Skinwalker in the Redwoods from Lokita 40:46

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