Today we are gonna look at some of the very most disturbing real true craigslist horror stories from Reddit! craigslist can be a great place to find some things but sometimes on craigslist others find you first!

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Story Credits:
Terrorized alone in the woods
By- Figwickle

A new mexican dogma/coyoteman
By-Kaleb r

Dead youth’s bridge
By- lauren ET

Something liked my music
By- Monrealigomental

Not a bear
By- Hayden M

Haunted forest
By- Mamabird

My experince

The Thing In The Adirondacks
By-Cal H

Haunted Forest
By- Mathew282g

There’s a reason they call it devil’s den
By- S.stevenson

What We encountered in the woods
By- Chris B


Iron Cthulhu Apocaly

Stories Told In the rain
Stories tole in the rainstorm (thunderstorm) scary stories


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